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Taking the advice of Parlez-moi de Paris and signing a search agreement with a property finder gives you the best chance of finding the perfect apartment and making a high-quality investment.

It is essential that buyers determine whether the sale price is realistic or fanciful. They must also assess as accurately as possible the potential negotiation margins.


Market prices analysed by a Parisian property finder

Apartment sales always, without exception, match property market prices. This is an immutable rule that apartment finders know well, but non-professional buyers and sellers rarely understand.

In order to correctly devalue a sale price, you need to know how to interpret and analyse several criteria and pieces of information.


One of our great strengths is our ability to provide fair and accurate estimates for the apartments our clients wish to purchase. This obviously comes from our knowledge of sale prices acquired through our business, but we don’t stop at that one point of view.


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Building pediment: 19 boulevard des Italiens 9th arrondissement Paris


Access to actual sale prices thanks to the property finder

Before starting negotiations, we offer our clients a detailed price study based on the Database of Notaries of Paris. This tells them the average sale price in the arrondissement and neighbourhood they are interested in, fluctuations in price over the previous five years and, most importantly, actual sale prices for similar properties.


One of the biggest challenges in evaluating a property is not being influenced by the (systematically overvalued) prices listed on adverts, unfounded estimates made by unscrupulous estate agents or gossip from neighbours.


The references from the Database of Notaries are the only ones that cannot be questioned. It’s a guarantee of finding the right price. Once these references have been obtained, we analyse them with our clients and together we draw up a negotiation strategy.


The negotiation margins we manage to achieve are usually higher than our fees.


For your information, a search agreement with a Parisian property finder lasts on average two months.

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