Fees. Apartment finder: fee

Parlez-moi de Paris apartment finders receive fees only if their search is successful. Their fees are paid at the notary’s office on the day the final deed of sale is signed. No fees are charged if the search is unsuccessful.

Parisian apartment finder: price and fess for a purchase


Fees are charged at 2-3.5% (including tax) of the net amount of the purchase.
Contact us for a quote within 48 hours: contact Parlez-moi de Paris. 


Apartment finder: fees for a rental


Fees are charged at 15% of one year’s rent excluding service charges.
We do not accept searches for properties where the rent is less than €2500 per month. 


Apartment finder: price of fees vs negotiation of the purchase price

One of the services offered by Parlez-moi de Parisian property finders is advice and expertise to negotiate the best purchase price. Very often, the negotiation margins we manage to achieve are significantly higher than our fees, thanks to our extensive knowledge of market prices and the price study based on the Database of Notaries of Paris that we provide to our buyers to prepare for the negotiation and transaction. This study gives the buyer actual sale prices for similar apartments in nearby locations.


Apartment finder: fee vs negotiation, an example


During our last negotiation, we achieved a 9.3% reduction in the purchase price, whereas our search fees were 2.6%.


Apartment finder: fees and services


The task of a house finder is not limited to selecting and searching for apartments, lofts or houses, property visits, transaction and signing; they also work before and after the purchase. These services are included in the fees.


Even before you sign the search agreement, we work with you to make sure your project is consistent with your budget and market prices. You can use our contacts to take out a mortgage. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of Paris, we can guide clients towards a neighbourhood that matches their lifestyle but which they hadn't considered.

After the sale, if you need to, you can call Parlez-moi de Paris property finders to be put in touch with architects, decorators, entrepreneurs, movers, etc. We can introduce you to professionals we have selected for their reliability and skills.


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