Luxury property finder in Paris and the Hauts-de-Seine 

Parlez-moi de Paris is an agency that finds high-quality, upmarket, charming and unusual apartments.

Luxury property does not necessarily mean an exorbitant budget. For Parlez-moi de Paris apartment finders, the idea of luxury is related to quality more than money.

Founded in 2009, our property-finding company aims to serve demanding clients who want to purchase luxury Parisian apartments to live in, to use as a pied à terre or as an investment.   


Finder of prestigious, charming, luxury properties

Finding the unique apartment, town house, house, loft or luxury terrace of your dreams and helping you carry out your property project are the aims of Parlez-moi de Paris. However, Parisian luxury property finders are also able to negotiate the best purchase prices thanks to our extensive knowledge of the Paris market and references to real property sale prices from the Database of Notaries of Paris on which we base our negotiations.


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Loft in the 11th arrondissement (photo Philippe Leroy)                                                                        House in Asnières (photo Maixence Ollier)


Network of our Parisian apartment-finding agency

We work closely with big estate agencies that sell luxury, unusual and charming properties in Paris. But we also have a network of over 600 smaller agencies.

At our agency, every apartment finder can show our clients ‘off-market’ apartments through our network of family offices, notaries, real estate professionals and sometimes gathering information on the ground.


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Terrace of an off-market apartment found for one of our clients 

Your luxury Parisian property finder can put you in touch with private banks or brokers for your mortgage.

Expertise of Parlez-moi de Paris apartment finders: deliver reliable advice, to demanding private individuals, on the quality of their property purchase in terms of buildings, neighbourhoods, houses, apartments and lofts, the negotiation and after the purchase.

You can benefit from our network of professional and reliable notaries, bankers, architects, decorators, entrepreneurs, movers, etc.


Negotiate the best price with your Parisian apartment finder 

Knowledge of the market, its players and their behaviour are essential qualities for all Parlez-moi de Parisian property finders. This allows them to obtain the right information to negotiate in the best interests of buyers.

Before every purchase, the house finder will provide sale prices based on the Database of Notaries for similar properties. This will allow the buyer to make the right offer.


Some information about property finders


Apartment finders, property finders and house finders are different terms for the same job.


Maximum number of searches handled by a Parlez-moi de Paris apartment finder: four


Sales fees and search fees : sales fees are always included in the sale price and are paid by the seller. The house finder’s fees are calculated on the net sale price and are paid by the buyer.


Extras offered by Parlez-moi de Parisian house finders : the time they spend on the search, their contacts, the experience of an agency founded in 2009, the ability to show properties to buyers before they are put on the market, legal advice and the ability to negotiate the best price.

After the purchase by the apartment finder: drawing up of sales contracts with notaries, and introduction to contractors if work is needed. And what's more, we are always available to former clients for any property-related problems.

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